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I wrote Chapter Three today; it's a little short compared to the… - you and me should take some time
forget the pressures, forget the pressures baby
I wrote Chapter Three today; it's a little short compared to the first two, but I know where to pad when I go back. I still can't really believe how this is actually happening. I think having the days off really helps; if I had to do this during the school year, I'd probably explode. Then again, 1000 words a day isn't too difficult, right? Or I could work it out to be a scene a day. Or really, chunk by chunk, as much as I can manage, and it'll finish.

This whole chapter outline thing is amazing. I'm sure I've thought of this before, but now all of a sudden it's coming together in my head. This book won't be the greatest -- I like it, but I can feel already that it's not really original yet -- but the next one? Once I finish this -- hah, I love the way I can say that! -- anyway, once I finish this, I'll be free to do whatever I want. I can't wait. I can't wait to do some research, to learn about my pirates and Amazonians and crazy high sea antics. And my doctor, and the poison guy. Oh man. And the dude who always does bad stuff so that he can break out of prison! There will be so many excellent people to write about, I can just feel it. I love random ideas. Ideas always look so sketchy and weird when you first get hit by them, but then, after you just ponder for a while and let them rot, they seem to just decompose into something wonderful.

Another thing: I realize that the idea was for Saegunn to be a stand-alone, but I've already had some ideas for future stuff. Queen Thayta has turned into a really interesting character already, and what happens between, say, her and Saegunn, or her and the bandits running around could be cool. Also the end of the world thing. That'd be neat. Because Widsith and Kisa, with the Halflings, would be seriously involved in that... And Skallagrim becoming a human?! Then there's all those Alberichslaugg hints thrown in there, and I don't know what could happen with that afterwards. Who knows? There just seems to be so much potential in this world, and even though maybe these specific characters are finished with, I'd like to continue playing around with Gunnlaug. Plus the novel I'm currently working on has very little to do with the sea, and that was originally one of the major concepts. So I want to do that, too. Something about kraken, etc.

Maybe Starolf should be the one who sacrifices himself, and Kaldin then realizes she loves him or something equally mooshy and throws herself onto the pyre or something like that. I like that, but at the same time that would mean basically everyone pairs off. Ugh. I still think that Widsith and Kisa shouldn't fall in love now. I think that's a bad idea. Or gentle love? There are different kinds of love, I suppose, and... yeah. Okay. Starolf needs to die or something instead of Skallagrim. OR I DON'T KNOW. Maybe Skallagrim should be the one who dies, because that's a lot more tragic and I love him -- giving his life for Saegunn? That'd be really sweet. Mm. That's a long way away, so I suppose no decisions need to be made now.

The tone is also really different from what I was intending. I'll probably go back and fix it, but it looks like I'm just incapable of writing anything that's not light-hearted. I'm not a serious person! Jokes and smiles come too easily to me. And I suppose I could accept that, etc, move on, write what I love, but... Wait. 

There is no "but."

Get that out of your head!

Okay, no but, just write what I love and what comes naturally and deal with it later. It'll be done by the end of the summer though, I know that much is true. And then I can start ordering my pirate books and figure the rest out. I want to map out some characters for this next book, too, but I'm afraid if I do that before I've got my research down, I'll end up with a bunch of nutties. I suppose I can do the character maps in my ideas notebook, and then I can just pull them out if they suit whatever research I end up doing.

Yeah, I'll do that. I've definitely learned my lesson though: no more pretty notebooks for journals! I need ugly Hilroy scrappy notebooks, otherwise I won't be able to doodle, and doodling is apparently essential for my creative process. So yeah. Finish the one I've got now, but then, I'm on to something new! And UGLY!

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From: jojapo Date: June 8th, 2007 09:24 am (UTC) (Link)
Hey, welcome to Livejournal! I caught you from the add a writer thing. Hope you enjoy Livejournal!
maynotcomeback From: maynotcomeback Date: June 8th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! :) So far it's pretty easy to use, so I like that much.
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