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hey dudes and dudettes - you and me should take some time
forget the pressures, forget the pressures baby
hey dudes and dudettes
I guess I'm going to try to... explain the purpose of this journal.

I want to write a book.

All the other details of my life aren't going to be the focus here. Or at least not the main focus. I'm actually going to AVOID my real-life friends on LJ (because I know a few of them have accounts here), just because showing my work to anyone who I'd actually have to face again in a social setting is strangely very unsettling to me. Instead, I've made this LJ account to hopefully connect with other writers at around my level, who I'll never actually have to meet in person :), and we can kick each other into gear and discuss fantasy and literature and genres and publication and how to make money and just be easygoing friends and motivators.

I should probably put this in my userinfo, too.

Hmm... So yeah! About what I write: I write fantasy. It's not generally sword-and-sorcery stuff, and I usually put a different kind of spin on it or something, and after I finish what I'm working on now I'd really like to dabble in "historical fantasy" or something of that nature, but! Don't be alarmed. An excellent sword-and-sorcery novel always puts me in a good mood. I just find that novels like that, for me, tend to run into each other all blurry and the same. But if you write annnnything else, or even if you just like books and poetry and all that, feel free to add me :)

Fantasy authors I like:
Guy Gavriel Kay
Philip Pullman
George R. R. Martin
Joan Aiken

I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that I am still madly in love with and gobble up anything by them that I can get my hands on. Although I'll be honest, Kay's first works (The Tapestry of Fionavar series) and his latest, Ysabel, didn't really appeal to me. I can't really pinpoint why; I've just never really been a fan.

Okay! Done. Hope to get this thing hopping soon. :)

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